CNICA was formed in the year 2004 under the aegis of Trust for Alternate Dispute Resolution (Non-profit motive) with an endeavour to promote and popularise the ADR practices. CNICA Mediation Centre was inaugurated in the year 2006. CNICA has its panel of arbitrators, mediators and conciliators apart from being an Appointing Authority in its Institutional Arbitration. CNICA provides venue for ad hoc arbitration/conciliation/mediation through its state of the art venues.

CNICA in its relentless march over the years has always kept the interest of the stakeholders in priority. CNICA keeps up with change and does not let up. Dispute Resolutions are likely to be ‘clicks’, with virtual and actual locations in multiple centres. Keeping abreast of change, awareness of changes needed and adapt, CNICA has redefined itself to the present mantra of Online Dispute Resolution – “Cost-effective, Efficient, Quick, and Seamless way to resolve disputes”, and “Justice, Fairness, Trust and Security”. It is agile in responding to change and takes on board how to react appropriately.